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Hi, I am Mark, Senior UX Designer based in Portland Maine.

Please ask if there is anything you would like to see in greater detail.

I am a passionate problem solver and versatile product designer with over 19 years of web and mobile experience. 11+ years of mobile and web experience in the finance, publishing, and advertising industries. Strong wireframe and pixel-perfect prototyping skills. Master-level skills in Figma, Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop and fluent in Sketch and InVision. I have past experience with iOS coding, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery so know what developers need.

I am insatiably curious about how things work. Not just at work, but life in general. Using the Design Thinking principals helps me see the business requirements filtered through the user’s lens. I enjoy User Testing my products to validate UX assumptions and improve the work without ego. I work closely with the Line of Business to convert their ideas into valuable and lucrative products that developers can easily code. Comfortable leading UX projects or as an individual contributor.

Say hello :)

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