Mobile BillPay

Pay Bills, Wherever You Are


This project added vitally needed features to mobile offerings. Features included: eBill Details, multiple payments, mortgage payments, BillPay history and set up of automatic payments to mention a few.

Due to the nature of my work and clients, I can't share all of my work publicly.
Please send me a message to get access.


Create, document and prototype the new features for this release.


Created, documented and prototyped many user flows and screens top bring the client-facing mobile product features closer to the online offering.


30% ⬆︎

225,000+ per day

Single payment initiated

71% ⬆︎

15,000+ per day

Payment edited on mobile

25% ⬆︎

7800+ per day

Add/edit recurring payment

30% ⬆︎

1700+ per day

eBill Auto Pay

My Role

UX Designer & Prototyper

  • Consulted baseline documentation

  • Researched entry-points

  • Built flows

  • Wireframed many screens

  • Built 2 sets of 9 A/B test prototypes for UX Research

  • Created detailed documentation for developers and Q&A

Design tools and processes

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 2.30.41 PM.png

Wireframes and Flow Documentation

Detailed wireframes and visual design specifications were developed as part of the briefing documentation delivered to the developers.