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MAZ Digital

Helping Publications Sell More Digital Magazines


Revamp of the MAZ iOS, Android and Amazon digital magazine reader and storefront Apps.

MAZ needed a storefront to sell single issues and subscriptions. A complete revamp of the magazine reader was needed. The update visually adapted the UI as if the app was purposely designed and built for that brand.



Magazine publishers were desperate to remain relevant and get digital sales in the digital age.


Redesign the entire app from the ground up with modern UI.


Introduce two industry firsts: Timed Preview and Digital Tear-card subscription tools. 


58% ⬆︎

Total content downloads

62% ⬆︎

Single issue revenue

60% ⬆︎

Paid content download

4 x Higher

Conversion rate than industry

Design tools and processes


Free Preview Flow

I created the flows for the Free Preview feature that satisfied the publisher's needs while delivering a rich product to the reader and enticing them to purchase. Prompt digital issue fulfilment and download of purchases was a priority in this flow. I introduced the split-download concept, where the first 10 pages are downloaded quickly while the rest download in the background. I've worked directly with the CEO and the team of offshore developers to refine these flows for engineering teams.

Timed Preview Process.png
MAZ iPAD Briefing Doc.png

Wireframes and Flow Documentation

Detailed wireframes and visual design specifications were developed as part of the briefing documentation delivered to the developers.


Timed Preview

With the introduction of Timed Preview, users are now able to preview a magazine for a preset amount of time before they have to purchase. The brand owners set offers that appear in the floating preview panel. The pages blur when the timer runs out.

Digital Tearcard

This special offer pops up in all non-purchased issues to cross-sell subscriptions.



The UI had to take into account that publishers had many different ways of authenticating against their reader's database.


The sales video was done in After Effects, the voice over from

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